Dick Van Slyke Attendance & Mike Austin Ace of Spades
President Donna called the meeting to order promptly at 12:45 PM.
Chuck led us in God Bless America and Cathy said we actually sounded good!
John Coogan led the invocation
Guest: Jim Tyrpack Assistant Governor
* President Donna read a letter received from Jim Austin.  He is resigning his membership and it was NOT an easy decision after 38 years as a member.  He treasures his memories and will still come around for certain events and lunches.  WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR YEARS OF SERVICE AND FRIENDSHIP JIM!
* Audrey made a Wine Committee Announcement.  Lots will be changing this year possibly to include date of event, venue, auction, sponsorships, etc.  All who want to have input, please join the committee.  First meeting will be 11/5/2018 @ 5:30 @ Jovi's.  Please let Rene or Holly or Audrey (one of the tri-chairs) know if you would like to help... we may ask you if you don't contact us :)
*Saturday 10/6 @ 9am will be the Elmlawn 5k Run & Sunday 10/21 from 10-3 will be the Elmlawn Fall Fest
* Jeff gave an update on Joe Starck... He's no better and no worse.  Carol Starck was asking about shred it so there's a chance we could see one or both drive through
* Gary talked to Tony Decillis and he's doing great!
Jim Logan was fine master today.  He started off with $1 to Chuck for not controlling his phone during announcements.  Gary was fined $2 initially for being a tattle tale on Jim.  Mike Ford confessed to a great letter about Elderwood that made the paper!  Dick confessed to being ordained online and marrying his best friend AND his wife... there were many inappropriate comments after that one.  Coogan confessed to 5 Birdies on Saturday and was fined $2, and then another $2 for having a total score of 79.  Jim then asked a bunch of questions about the month of October.  Gary was fined another $3 for some smart remark and then another $1 for his proficiency with Google... Thanks Gary!
Jerry Gentile had a shot at the ACE but pullsed the 6 of diamonds instead.
Jim Tyrpak announced World Polio Day on 10/24.  The Canadian Clubs approached the American Clubs in an attempt to coordinate efforts to light the Peace Bridge purple on that day.  There will also be an event from 6:30-8 @ the Yacht Club.  if you would like to register to attend please go to BuffaloNYRotary.org.  District Governor wants to get more clubs involved in community projects.  On 11/8, all clubs are invited to participate in a day of caring.  She's only asking for 1-2 hours, more if you like.  Donna will forward more information on this shortly.
Rick Graham was our speaker today.  He gave an update on the Kenmore Rotary Foundation.  He read a report dated through 8/31/2018.  Our current value at that time was $829,018.  We had a 12 month return of 12.32%.  Asset allocation is 18% cash, 18% fixed income, and 63.5% Equity (which we plan on further reducing in the future).  Overall we're doing "pretty good".  We gave away a total of $30,041 in 2017 (some of the beneficiaries included Elmlawn ($3500), Boy Scouts ($6500), Kenmore Mercy ($6500), Buffalo Science Museum ($8500), Town of Tonawanda ($3500), and Kenmore Rotary ($200).  Chuck Paterson will be President of the Foundation for a term of 1 year.  Ed Markarian will be Vice President for a term of 1 year.  Larry and Paul Chisholm have agreed to renew their terms.  Barb Henry has come off of the Foundation Board.  In 2018 we will distribute $28,710.  Applications MUST BE IN BY 11/1/2018.  All applicants can find the application on our website. Nice job RIck!
Larry gave another plug for the district conference on 10/20.  $100 (Canadian) includes breakfast, lunch, & cocktail party at Niagara on the Lake.  You can come in the morning and be done by 7 PM technically.

Audrey J Meyers
AVP | Business Development Manager