The Ken October 21, 2019
Attendance: Phil Michalowski
Split Club: Chuck Patterson         
Fine Master: Mike Ford
Invocation: Rick Graham
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We would like to welcome our Satellite club to our forum. The members of the Rotary club of the Tonawanda’s will now be receiving out weekly bulletins. Donna began our meeting on time with the Pledge. Chuck led us in “America”. Rick Graham gave a profound invocation. Our guests were not guests, they are new members. Steve Blass and Branden Blatz. I will get you their bios as they become available to me.
Announcements: Holly will have a wine event full committee meeting 10/28. She will let us know where, soon. It has come to our attention that our club’s voice mailbox associated with the phone # on our website is full. Art T stepped up and will manage our phone calls. Thank you Art. Dick debriefed us on Shred It. We had a small contingent of Rotarians present. Thanks to Larry’s Interact and Rotaract volunteers, we were able to accommodate everyone and grossed about $6K. The Shred It guys, once again were great. Mike Austin said the Fall Fest at “the Park” was a success.
Tom Lang won the split club and Dick H missed the Ace.
Mike Ford was our last minute fine master. He asked Shred It organizer, Dick to exempt anyone from fines. He immediately excepted Phil M. Phil was very helpful at the event and has agreed to head it next year. WTG Phil. With that, Phil confessed to visiting his son in South Carolina. They had a great time crabbing big fellers. They drove through the horrible storm to visit his daughter who is about at the end of her gruesome training for Deputy Sherriff. Holly’s disrupt HR had their grand event and was wonderful. Paul has been critiquing many of the local theater companies. Tom Lang had a great time at the PCC wine tasting event. Chuck Patterson reminded us our Foundation is taking requests for funding. Anyone who did not help with Shred It was fined $2.00.
We did not have a program so Larry gave us an overview of Rotary Youth 7090 District Conference at Niagara-on-the-Lake. He and Char had a great time reacquainting with old friends and making new ones. This conference is made up of “Earlyact”, elementary kids, “Interact”, High School students and “Rotaract”, college students. 185 signed up. They covered Slapshot, RYLA and student exchange. We have a student in our Kenmore community that is really hoping to take advantage of our youth exchange. If we send a student we have to host a student. Thus the term, exchange. This will entail a school term. I believe September through June. It is something we should really consider. Most people know of Rotary because of Youth exchange. Larry timed out thanks to Art’s subtle reminders.
Meeting adjourned