The Ken October 22, 2018
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh     
Split Club: Mike Austin                  
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Jim Logan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge. Chuck, with help from Kathy led us in singing “America”. John Coogan gave our invocation. We were honored today to have Melissa Schrock, our District Governor, as our guest and program today. Donna had to switch protocol a bit because Melissa had to get to a computer by 2:00 for a new kind of on-line Rotary meeting, “Rotary Club of Social Innovations”. The meeting consists of a conference call from 75 members all over the world. Donna introduced Melissa Shrock. Melissa started by stating the obvious. She’s not a man. Not old. And works 40-50 hours a week. She knows what it’s like to be busy. Her point being is not to profile who we want as new members. Just people that want to work with in our Rotary culture. She is never seen without a Rotary shirt, pin or any other medium promoting Rotary. Her enthusiasm about Rotary makes people want to know more. Once they inquire, they are an easy sale. Melissa’s first clients are the ones already in the room. Keep them here.
Melissa debriefed us on the District Conference held this last week end. It was very different from a wonderful point of view. It was one day, full of events and inexpensive. 400 people attended. They made 32 “no sew” blankets. Served 57 meals for young people at a young person’s shelter. Made several toiletry boxes for people in shelters. After being at the young person’s shelter and realized they were in need of such items, she returned with the ones just put together at the DC meeting. Donna and her daughter Mellissa led the charge of a group that cleaned up the shores of Lake Ontario. All this before the conference banquet where Rotary International’s President Barry Rassin spoke.  Our Interact student from UB, Matt received a Paul Harris award from Barry Rassin. After the program, they wrapped the evening up with a Shark Tank session. Rotaract, Interact and Earlyact participants presented concepts to a panel that gave away $1,500, $1,000, and $500 in startup money. The first place winner was an Interact club from Canada that was just chartered that morning. Their concept was an ap for iphone’s and Androids that will allow grandparents and grandchildren to interact. 2nd place went to a team working on a Purple Pinky event. Lastly, the third place winner was a young man that was challenged. He had a hard time presenting his ideas so Melissa’s daughter helped him get through it. It sounded like an action packed day. Melissa’s enthusiasm was contagious.
At this time Donna continued with announcements. Pat gave us an update that Linda is doing real well. Rene, on behalf of Holly announced there will be a Wine Event planning meeting Nov. 5 at 5:00 at Jovi’s. The more the merrier. Big committees lead to successful events. Rick Graham has 2 applications in for our Foundation’s contributions. He needs them in by November 30. Donna wanted to reiterate what a great time she had at the District Conference. She was especially moved by the memorial garden for approximately 25 Rotarians from our district who passed away this year. Each had a stamped dragon made from Mellissa’s metal shop with an image of the deceased. Donna brought in the one made for Harold. We will give this to Harold’s family.
Jim Logan took the floor as fine master. Most of us were fined because Mike Ford stayed at Elmlawn’s Fall Festival the whole time by himself trying to promote Rotary. Mike Hettler confessed to a cruise from Budapest to Prague. I believe he took the Danube River. Paul Chisolm and Nancy went to Boston to visit The Ahearn’s. They played golf and saw a show. Brian is in a new Rotary club now and bakes them bread. Ouch, kind of like he’s cheating on us. Jim gave us month of October trivia.
Larry was here on time today and won the split club and the Ace of Spades. Char, it was for $381 and don’t let him tell you differently.
Great meeting with such an exciting speaker.
Meeting adjourned