The Ken October 29, 2018
Attendance: Rene Rebmann     
Split Club: Mike Austin                  
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Jim Logan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting promptly with the Pledge. Donna waived the song with no one to lead. John gave a heartfelt invocation. John prefaced his words with a story that he, his daughter and granddaughter were in the vicinity of the shooter at Squirrel Hill. He’s talking real close. It touched him and it was evident in the lovely, creative, tactful way he presented our invocation. Our only guest today was our speaker Oscar Pedroso.
Our first announcement was Donna wishing Pat a Happy Birthday. Well we got our song in after all. Also, Shirts and hats that you ordered a ways back are in. Please arrange with Pat to pick them up. I’d say get them at the meeting, however most members don’t come. Holly, with a nudge from Audrey reminded us that they will have their first Wine Event meeting Monday 11/5 at 5:30 at Jovi’s. Lots to work out. Venue, concept, time etc. It sounds like many people are on board so even if you are not willing to commit to the committee, you can still speak your peace. And you get to hang out with us.
With no further announcements, Jim took over as fine master. Audrey confessed that after hearing donuts were being served at the Shred It event, she was disappointed that they were gone when she arrived. Phil M. came to the rescue and got more. Audrey had four. I thought she looked about a gram heavier than normal. Pat got an early birthday wish with the Red Sox winning the World Series. Also, Pat and Linda had a wonderful evening with Pastor Rick from the Riverside Baptist Church at the Joe Bonamassa concert. Mike Austin tried to sell Pat some Real Estate he has on the corner of Delaware and Brighton. Mike also bragged about his daughter is winning all the cheerleading competitions. The last one is this week. Good luck. I blew in Audrey for a picture of her in Buffalo Spree. It was at the Buffalo Leadership event. Pat threw out the gauntlet to all members to try to catch Paul, Ron and me for attendance. We are at 90%. Holly confessed that her business turned 3 years old this week. I have heard great things about you and your business Holly. Keep it up. And finally Rick Graham has been traveling a lot lately but especially liked the Ridin’Hi Ranch in the Adirondacks. Jim quizzed us on Halloween questions.
Rick Graham won the split club and Rene missed on a full deck for the Ace.
Audrey introduced today’s speaker, Oscar Pedroso. Oscar was a client of Audrey’s so she was able to watch his company from its infancy. When Audrey introduced Oscar, an immigrant, the first college graduate in his family, a graduate from U of R, an entrepreneur, I started to self-conscious. This young man is very impressive. Oscar and his partner Dave Brenner started Thimble, .Thimble teaches children to learn the STEM theories with real cool hands on learning kits.  Thimble believes making is for everyone. They strive to be the optimal guide path to making through their inclusive learning environment – a makerspace without physical boundaries. They succeed when their subscribers apply the skills they have mastered using Thimble’s kits and community to create their own project, a process that includes supporting users who extend, personalize, and remix their own kits for their own objectives.
This was another remarkable presentation.
Meeting adjourned