The Ken September 10, 2018
Attendance: Dick Harbaugh
Split Club: Phil Michalowski
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Tom Lang
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge, Chuck led us in “God Bless America” and John Coogan, substituting for Gary Roberts, gave our invocation. Guests today were, Ellen Burkhardt with Harmac Medical Products, John McClive with Buffalo Rotary and Mike Billoni with the Buffalo Medical Campus Rotary Club.
Donna wasted no time inducting our newest member, Cathy Piciulo. Cathy is with our Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce. Welcome Cathy. Great to have you as a member. Chuck asked for one more golfer to round out a four some at the Chamber Golf outing. Tim Glor joined in.  Mike Billoni asked if anyone has old coats they could donate to Colvin Cleaners for their “Coats for Kids” program. Tom Lang re-capped our boat ride on the Cotter fireboat is all set for 9/19. 5:15 to leave at 5:30 sharp. Dinner to follow at the Saturn Club. No shorts or jeans. Pat Griffin is ordering name tags. If anyone lost or has an incorrect one, notify Pat.
Tom Lang stepped up and took the reins as our fine master. Ted confessed to attending a rap concert. He said it was worth every minute to see his friend’s son following his dreams as the bands drummer. There seems to be a pattern with Ted. It appears he likes live music. WTG buddy. There were a couple other fines that Pat and Rick Graham were involved in but too much commotion for me to follow. Tom went around the room and gave everyone a chance to share what they did over the weekend.
Mike Billoni won the split club and Art missed the Ace.
At this time Donna introduced Ellen Burkhardt. Ellen has been with Harmac Medical Products, Inc. for many years. They are located in the Baily, Ferry, and Genesee corridor. Ellen spoke on how CEO and president, John Somers had a vision to beautify the neighborhood the plant and 400 of his employees live. She showed before and after images of then and now. Ellen showed us a quadrant that is a farm where they get the kids from the neighborhoods involved with sowing and reaping the fruits of the garden. Mike Billoni made a good comment that there are plenty of markets around selling soda and chips but not nutritious food. So many people are on board. One couple who are farmers are getting the grants, purchasing properties and pulling the trigger on so many means of planting. They just procured an old warehouse that they are converting to a grow house where they will grow mushrooms and many other wonderful foods. Habitat for Humanity is all over this neighborhood also. Many moving parts. What tremendous insight John Somers has and an incredible team to pull this off.
Once again a heartfelt program on a dreary Monday to uplift your spirits.
Meeting adjourned