The Ken September 16, 2019

Attendance: Holly Nowak

Split Club: Ed Hackeral

Fine Master: Jim Logan

Invocation: John Coogan

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Dick H sat in for Donna and began our meeting with the Pledge followed by “God Bless America” encouraged by Chuck P. John gave another heart felt invocation from his own heart, no notes as he too was asked step in for missing colleque. Our guests today were: speaker Bob Artis, Jim Tyrpak from the Rotary Buffalo Club, Steve Blass and Chris Pilozzi from our Charter club.

Announcements: Fall Shred It is rapidly coming upon us 10/12 at Kenmore West. Pat will have signs next week to start spreading around the Town. Holly sent a thank you card around the room from Cradle Beach.

Our guest Jim Tyrpak won the split club and John Coogan missed the Ace.

Jim Logan came up to assess fines and to trip us up on Labor Day trivia. Jim started off by fining himself for his and Cheryl’s first grandchild, Bryson James. Paul was fined for not sitting with Jim. Mike Ford thanked Paul and Cathy for a fun time golfing at the Chamber Golf Outing. Mike won the longest Drive and closest to the line. Tom was fined for requesting a special lunch. John Coogan got his 2nd Hole in One at NFCC. Dick H confessed to being off for 3 weeks on paternity leave.

Jim Tyrpak made a wonderful introduction on the many accolades Bob Artis, our District Governor achieved throughout his life. Bob began his program with a lovely prayer for our one and only Donnas’ speedy recovery. This was the first time it was mentioned that our main gale was not well. Pat emailed me earlier this week to let me know that all is well with Donna. Donna, we all send our love. Bob continued his enthusiastic discussion on how he got introduce to and fell in love with Rotary many years back. And to his marvel is now our District Governor, 1 out of 525 Districts throughout the world. Dick used a gavel that Bob brought in to ring our session to order. This particular gavel has great significance. In 1977, the International Assembly was held in San Francisco. Each district was presented with a handmade gavel comprising of wood with extreme relevance. Some of the wood was from the Capital when it was in Philadelphia. Another from a British Cone tree that is the oldest tree on the planet. Another from a beam in Boston’s’ North Church where Paul Revere gathered. Lastly some of the wood came from Paul Harris’ desk. The sceptic writer that I am asked if he was BS’ ing me. I don’t want to be any part of fake news. He assured me it was true. Bob gave many examples of how important our theme this year of “being connected” can be used to our benefit. He talked about his difficulties in tracking down one of the first people to be vaccinated with our Polio program. He was connected so he eventually found her and had her speak at an RI Convention. He had Dick pick a business card from his duffle bag. Then asked Dick to email that person, from Germany, to get “connected” then Dick picked one for our president Donna to connect to that person. This guy went so fast I couldn’t keep up to him and I am trying to pass on his passion in this meek post and I am failing miserably. All I can say is you missed a chance to hear a real pro speak. Meeting adjourned.