The Ken September 23, 2019
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Tim Glor
Fine Master: Jim Logan
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Dick H sat in for Donna again and began our meeting with the Pledge followed by “God Bless America” led off by Chuck P.  Chuck also gave the invocation.  Guests today were Heidi Nichlaus from Hearts and Hands, Steve and Brendan Blass and Anna Castinquay.
Holly announced that she toured the Wurlitzer Building for our Wine Event. They were very accommodating and Holly was impressed. Her committee will meet 1st week in October. Larry is attending the Youth Conference October 19 for all that is related to youth in Rotary. RYLA, Youth exchange, Interact and Rotaract. Anyone who would like to be involved can contact Larry. Shred it is October 12, 10:00 – 2:00.
Anna asked for contributions for The Global Autism Program. They train parents in Ecuador in techniques to deal with Autistic children. We suggested she visit our website and apply for funds from our Foundation. It sounds like its right up our ally.
Dick won the split club and Paul missed the Ace.
Jim Logan took confessions. Tim Glor was at son Allan’s wedding in Culpepper, VA. Jim was looking for Eddie M to fine him for being a Legal Elite. Jim the tested us on our knowledge of the month of September.
At this time Larry introduced our speaker today, Heidi Nichlaus. Heidi represents Hearts & Hands a neighbor helping neighbor volunteer organization. Their mission is built upon an interfaith coalition, trained volunteers of Heats and Hands – Faith in Action connect frail or vulnerable individuals in underserved communities with needed services: to uphold their dignity, to improve their quality of life, to enhance their ability to live in their home of choice and to assist their primary caregivers. Heidi spoke with passion and energy to us this afternoon.
Meeting adjourned