The Ken September 24, 2018

Attendance: Dick Harbaugh

Split Club: Phil Michalowski

Invocation: Gary Roberts

Fine Master: Mike Ford

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting with the Pledge, Chuck changed things up today and led us in singing “America”. There were no guests. Mike Austin will have a fall festival Sunday October 21, 11:00 – 3:00. Rotary will have a booth. Mike Ford said he will station the both (I was going to use “Man the Booth”, but somehow better judgement prevailed). I’m sur Mike could use help. Larry announced that our District Conference will be held October 20 at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Rotary International’s president Barry Rassin will be there. This is THE head guy. Not the District Governor or the assistant to the District Governor. President of Rotary International. To register go to We must let our district know there are other Rotarians other that Larry and Char. I’m already selling Gretchen on it. Donna announced that next week we will have Assistant Area Governor Jim Tyrpak and then October 22 our District Governor Melisa Schrock will be coming. Donna also thanked Tom for a wonderful evening on the Cotter fireboat and dinner at the Saturn Club. Finally, Gary passed me a flier to mention. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is having celebrity Chef, Fr. Paul D. Seil cooking in the Daily Bread food truck, while Mike Aloisio, from Jonny’s meats will person the grill Thursday Oct. 11, 5:00-7:30. RSVP

Mike Ford improvised as fine master again today. Audrey helped Pat find a job. Uber or lift or I was missing something. It seemed a tad sleazy so I left it at that. Donna went apple picking for her first time. Larry and Char decided to go to a birdwatch festival Sunday but tuned into the Bills game. Needless to say, they will watch birds another day.

Audrey won the split Club and Mike Ford missed the Ace.

Dona asked Dick to come up and give the details on our upcoming fund raiser, Sred-It. Dick thanked Scott for helping him take the reins. Dick asked that we Like and share the event on our facebook page. We might change the route a bit so we do not block traffic on Delaware Rd. Our Rotary hats and Rotary shirts should help distinguish that this is our event. Price came up. We are deciding if we set a price or ask for a contribution. Sign-up sheets will be at the head table Monday.

Meeting adjourned