The Ken September 30, 2019
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Jeff Markarian             
Fine Master: Jim Logan
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
It was great to have Donna back as our fearless leader. Donna said she is doing great after her surgery. We gave our Pledge. An overzealous but often creative, Rick Graham cut right in front of our song leader to give our prayer. Chuck Patterson then led us in “America”. Our guests today were Steve Blass from the Boy Scouts and our speaker from the YMCA, Scott Wiegley.
Dick H announced that Larry was coming in at the end of the meeting with lawn signs for Shred It and that we are all set for 10/12, 10:00 – 2:00. He began our Facebook promotion and reached 3,800 people, 49 of whom clicked to learn more. This is more than we had for last spring’s event. There will be a signup sheet next week.
Art won the split club and Gary lost the Ace of Spades.
Jim stepped up as fine master. Jim welcomed back Donna and thanked Dick for a great job substituting. Jim asked us all to throw in $1 happy dollar for Donna’s recovery. Rick Graham confessed to his vacation in the Canadian Rockies. Joe Arcara was dismissed of fines for his tale of a collision in his new car. Chuck is going to miss Shred It because his son Ryan is getting married. Congratulations Chuck. Scott Mason was to be fined for missing his assignment at the head table but had a good excuse. Sue J celebrated her 24th wedding anniversary. Gary was fined for not getting our guests name correct. Jim tested us on general trivia. Lots of fun.
At this time, Donna introduced our speaker, Scott Weigley with the YMCA, in particular Camp Weona. We tend to forget the scale of the YMCA. Basically their mission is a community based organization committed to providing programs designed to build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. It is best known for the Turkey Trot. Our YMCA is the second oldest in the country founded in 1852. Thanks to events like the Turkey Trot and annual campaign, the Y gives $1,399,203 in financial assistance. They employ 1,082 people. They collaborate with 18 school districts. My family has been members of the YMCA for as long as we had children and it played a major role in their upbringing. Again, another dynamic speaker with lots of passion.
Meeting adjourned