Posted by Jeff Markarian
The Ken September 9, 2019
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Holly Nowak
Fine Master: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: Rick Graham
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge.  Great to see a full house. Chuck Patterson led us in “God Bless America” and Rick Graham gave our invocation. Our guests today were Kathleen Shelby from St. Louis and our speakers Kevin and Tim Devine. Announcements: Pat Griffin has Shred It on course for October 12. Mike Ford was to say something about membership but drew a blank. Audrey stepped in to announce that Mike and Audrey are the committee. They are looking for new members and retention of existing members. Please help them with any suggestions. Holly and Scott Swan are in search of a 2020 Wine Event venue. Donna said our Rotary district 7090 is having a Rotarians in Action day at Fox Valley Country Club September 28 at 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. Also, Rotary Leadership Institute at NCCC October 5 from 8:00 – 4:15. Please visit the website for details. Donna received this year’s Rotary flag at the Presidents dinner. District Governor Bob Artis spoke and will be speaking to us September 16, next meeting. He is a very good speaker. Let’s all show up and show him our support. Billygans Café is closed so our satellite club will need some place to meet. The Niagara County Central Rotary Club invited those members to meet with them every Thursday at 7:15 at Olympia at 3312 Niagara Falls Blvd. Lastly, we decided to put off the Greenway Trail hike. This is a bummer because it could have been fun. However, it never got off the ground. Let’s table this make an event out of it.
Pat Griffin won the split club and Mike Austin just missed the Ace of spades with Ace of clubs.
Paul took the floor as fine master. Paul immediately fined Gary for something. Then asked Holly to boast a bit about and organization she founded. It is disrupt Buffalo.  Disrupt is an organization exchange designed to energize, inform and empower people in the HR field. Donna confessed that she is indeed married. She showed us a picture and everything. Chuck confessed to being on a west Mediterranean vacation. He had a great time, however a computer and cell phone were stolen. How disruptive. The perps must have come from Holly’s crowd. Paul proceeded to test us on a topic, but for the life of me I do not remember what that topic was. But we raised money nevertheless.
At this time, Mike Ford introduced our speakers. Kevin Devine and his brother Tim gave us a presentation on means to recovering over- billing by the Utility Companies. They can help you negotiate for retroactive, historical refunds as far back as 15 years or as few as three years for billing discrepancies. This sparked many questions and they answered them all. To learn more, visit Kevin at Great presentation. Meeting adjourned.