The Ken November 18, 2019
Attendance: Mike Austin
Split Club: Ron Levea     
Fine Master: Pat Griffin
Invocation: Phil Michalowski
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge, no song and Phil gave our invocation.
Our only guest today was Britany McClean.
Announcements: Chuck reminding us about our Foundation requests. Mike Ford is selling $10 Bills / Cowboys squares. Payoff is $400, $200, $100. There will not be a meeting 11/25 in honor of Thanksgiving. There will be a signup sheet for the Christmas Party 12/6, 6:00 at the Park Country Club.  You are to bring a gift $25 or greater. There is talk of segregating the values at the gift table. Proceeds go to the Knights of Columbus as our participation in the Operation Santa. There will be a great party at the Kenmore Fire Department, 12/8. $10 entrance. Lots of goodies. More details about this but Larry was barking at me to put it all in the Ken that I missed what was to be put in the Ken. Contact Gary Roberts who seems to have his finger on the pulse for this project. We would like a great turn out in memory of Joe Starck who was instrumental in our Operation Santa program. Donna, Chuck P and Jim Jones from our satellite club, attended the Foundation Celebration and Grant Management seminar on Saturday. We are now eligible to receive grants.
Mike Ford won the split club and Pat Griffin missed the Ace.
Pat was the Finemaster today. Confessions: Branden missed last week because he was in Dallas. He attended a Dallas Rotary meeting. WTG new member Branden Blatz. Chuck was in Mexico. Phil watched the swearing in of his daughter as a Mecklenburg, SC Sheriff. Pat wondered if she could get him out of a ticket he got on Kenmore Ave. Steve Blass went hunting on opening day. Missed a shot at 2 does. Pat fined Mike F for taking 5 meatballs. Pat quizzed us on Thanksgiving Day questions. We answered most of them so he had to resort to “.. those without a name Tag…” bla bla bla.
We had no speaker today so meeting was adjourned.