Invocation: Rick Graham

Visiting Rotarians: Bob Dimmig

Sergeant at Arms: Scott Mason

Finemaster: Rick Graham

President Larry brought our meeting to order at 12:35, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Our flag was draped proudly from a new flag pole this afternoon, as the rickety old pole has been retired.

     Barb Henry led us in singing ‘America’.  Rick Graham offered the invocation, asking us to remember those who serve, including the military, nurses and elected leaders.  We were informed that George Jackman and Larry Ward are both recuperating. We were saddened to learn that Tom Schwob’s father passed away recently.

    There were no visiting Rotarians this afternoon, but the club gave a warm welcome to Joe Hatch, new branch manager of M&T in Kenmore.  Mike Austin announced that there was a nice article in the Tonawanda News about ‘Purple Pinkie’ day, recognizing Larry’s leadership on that project.  President Larry said he is working with Mark Tramont on ideas to increase attendance, including invitations to persons in community groups such as first responders. He also read a letter from RI President Tanaka.

     Rick Graham stepped in as Finemaster, using ‘Pocket World in Figures’ to challenge the depths of our knowledge. He added a general fine for members without Rotary pins. After completing his duties as Finemaster, Rick struck it rich by winning the split club. Bob Nowak picked the seven of hearts in the card drawing.

     We enjoyed a ‘5-minute speech’ by Michelle Jaros, learning about her origins in North Buffalo, her education in law and education, and her journey from Pioneer High to Kenmore West. Michelle cited her interest in community as a motivating factor to join Rotary. Thank you, Michelle!

     Before adjourning the meeting, President Larry reviewed a list of persons who may be invited to the upcoming meeting in February. Individual club members volunteered to speak with the prospective members.