The Ken 8/2/16
My store faces west. All day I have been squinting in the hot sun. Draining me of all my energy. Now, instead of plunging in Lake Erie to resurrect my spirits, I had to pull myself together to get to the Rotary BBQ. On my way I wondered how we are all going to park on North Forest. Thinking this was going to be a nightmare. As you probably can tell by my tone, I was spent. Well, as I approached Pat and Brian’s house, facing east so my eyes suddenly adjusted to normality, I drove into a Bohemian wonderland. Intertwined in the woods, was a long wide driveway that accommodated everyone. I went into the front door, still facing east, I was greeted by cool artwork displayed in an opened sprawl of Fen schwa. My spirits were rising. I grabbed a coke, said hello to several friends and proceeded to the back yard. It just got better. My blood pressure lowered. I was back.
We had a good turnout. We mingled, snacked and got reacquainted. Seven o’clock food was served. Smoked ribs, pulled pork, smoked turkey, coleslaw and a funky corn bread with real corn and pine nuts. Gretchen, you met you match. Afterwards, we gave our Pledge and John gave an inspiring invocation. Paul thanked his board and commended them on their stellar performance. A standing ovation was given. Chuck Patterson swore in the new board. Mike took the gavel and also thanked the new board. He thanked Paul for all that Paul did throughout his duel term. So many new, active members, great programs and over $68,000 donated to various organizations in the Town. Several gifts exchanged. Paul took back the floor to recognize another outstanding Rotarian. Our newest Paul Harris award goes to Chuck Patterson.
Coffee and deserts were served pool side as the temperature cooled down and the sun was setting. We divvied up the leftover food. Needless to say, I was very popular when I got home. Thank you to the Ahern’s for hosting and this committee for another great event.