The Ken 8/8/16
Attendance: Ron Lavea in for ?
Split Club:Michaelene Bernat in for ?
Fine Master: Tom Lang in for Mike Hettler
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Mike started the meeting a little early today. We gave our pledge. Gary rushed the podium to give his invocation and convinced Mike not to do a song today. Gary gave the invocation off his iPhone. Pat interrupted somewhere through all this.
Ron introduced our only guest, Dr. Werner, who doesn’t want to be introduced as a guest.
Mike mentioned there will be a meeting Monday 8/15 even though Sunshine Day is Wednesday. Mike thanked everyone for attending the Presidents Party and especially Brian and Pat Ahern for hosting.  Mike also reminded us to bring clothing for Ken Ton Closets to the meeting or to drop off at Elmlawn.  Holly reminded us to sign up for Sunshine Day activities 8/17. A signup sheet was sent around the room. If you haven’t been to a meeting lately and want to join us for lunch, let Chuck Patterson know so he can have enough food.  Set up is at 11:00. Chiavetta’s BBQ will be 12:00 – 2:00 and the games are 2:00 - 4:00. There will be a dunk tank, new games and they are working on getting the horses back.
Tom Lang announced that he booked the Moon dance for August 30 at 2:00. $20.00 / person and includes food. Not sure about drinks. Stay tuned. And Scott said he will have the first Shred It meeting after our meeting 8/15. Shred It is 10/1 this year.
Tom Lang filled in for Mike Hettler at the last minute as fine master. Mike Hettler was the first fine. Mike Austin confessed to playing in a 3 day invitation at Park Club. He and John Coogan came in last where Gary Roberts and Jim Logan were runners up for first. Gary paid Mike $40 for deserts. Tom fined me for a Ken article (?) and Pat for being Pat. Tom asked each of us to share a story, joke or pay a fine. Dr. Werner schooled me on how to tell a joke. However, mine was kind of funny.  We made good fine money overall.
Rene won the split club and Michaelene picked her own number and missed on the Ace of Spades.
President Mike introduced Mike Wiener, President and CEO of the United Way. Mike joined the United Way in 2009. Mike holds Master degrees in Business Administration and Rehabilitation Counseling. The United Way is responsible for fundraising and the allocation of over $15 million dollars annually. These resources are utilized to address local health and human service priority indicators; encompassing income, Education, and Health/Wellness. This was a very informative meeting.
Meeting adjourned.