The Ken April 8, 2019
Attendance: Bill Brucker
Split Club: Chuck Patterson
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Chuck led us in signing “God Bless America” John gave our invocation. Guests were: Alisha Ferri, Audrey’s colleague who will help at Shred – It. Chris Pilozzi, chairperson of our satellite club. Kevin Crosby District 7090 director and president of Buffalo sunrise group. Our speaker Lynn Riker and Matt Dewitt. Donna had Kevin jump right in and introduce our satellite clubs chair, Chris Pilozzi. They are an extension of our club. They have 8 members and they meet every other Thursday at Billegan’s. The long term goal is that they will break off once they get established.
Dick H announced Shred – It is all set. He is expecting cars to arrive at 9:45 ish so please get there early just in case. He has procured Paula’s donuts for the morning and pizza for the afternoon. His boosts on social media reached 1600 people. Audrey is having a walk through for the Wine Event at the Castle 4/17 at 2:00. All are welcome but not mandatory.
Donna won the split club and John Coogan missed the Ace.
Mike Ford took over as fine master. Joe Arcara confessed to being in FLA for several weeks. Welcome back Joe. Chuck confessed to driving here today with his top down. Audrey admitted she will miss Shred – It but has Alisha subbing for her. Reach out to make Alisha feel at home. Mike quizzed us on WrestleMania / NCAA basketball topics. Yes, you read this right. WrestleMania.
Mike introduced Lynn Riker, the Director of clinical outreach at the center for Hospice and Palliative care. Hospice cares for individuals suffering from serious illness, as well as their families and caregivers. They’re there to help to provide an integrative, holistic (physical, emotional, social and spiritual) approach to care that focuses on the whole person rather than on individual symptoms. Lynn asked us to please reach out to her at any time we feel we need their services. She can be reached at, or her cell, 716-472-8890. Lynn made a lot of sense as to what Hospice does.
Meeting adjourned.