The Ken 8/15/16
Attendance: Bill Brucker
Split Club: Mike Bernat
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine Master: Tom Lang
 Mike began the meeting at 12:35 with the Pledge, Barb led us in singing “God Bless America” and Chuck Patterson gave the invocation. Mike asked Bill Brucker for guests. We had Mike Ryan from Buffalo and Chuck and Laurie Markarian were in from Florida.
Announcements: Holly and Audrey fine-tuned Sunshine Day at Cradle Beach. Tom Lang is selling the Moon dance for August 30. We need about 50 people to make this work so please think of friends, family or colleagues. $20 for admission and food. Cash bar. Gary Roberts inquired about interest in the Darwin Martin House tour somewhere around the first week in October. There were several interested. We are on a roll. And the sell is much easier as we do more. Pat announced a Shred-It meeting after this meeting today. Mike is still collecting clothing for KenTon Closets. Jim Prichard said KenTon Closets is also doing an electronic re-cycle drive. Please check out their website for the details.
Fine master Tom Lang first pardoned Michaelene for any fines. Mike has been filling in all month at the front table. Pat confessed to being hurt that he was fined last week for no reason. Tom fined him. Rick Graham was on a 2 week Rhine river cruise vacation. Brian Ahern bragged that Pat was named in the top 100 woman of WNY. Ted was fined for butting in. Art for taking the Moon dance signup sheet.
President Mike won the split club but Brian missed the Ace of Spades
At this time Mike introduced one of our own. Jim Prichard gave us an overview on what’s happening at the Riviera. First, the Riviera was built in 1926. It was called Twin Cities Riviera. Sheas purchased it in 1929 and changed the marquise to Sheas Riviera. Then Dipson bought it in 1939. All along, the Riviera was home of the mighty Wurlitzer. The organ was saved by the Organ Society. Rick James was going to buy the Riviera and turn it into a video recording studio. Many thought the organ would not survive. The organ society took over and only asked for a small percent of the earnings whenever the organ was used. Jim has spear headed many restoration projects at the Riviera. All done by volunteers and fund raising. It is now bigger than North Tonawanda. It is a destination. What started as a movie theater is now becoming a player in the concert, comedy and theater scene. They hope to add a dark theater to the property so theater companies can use to run shows.  You must visit them at presentation from a guy who speaks quickly, clearly and to the point. Well done Jim.