Posted by Jeff Markarian
The Ken December 11, 2017
Attendance: Scott Mason           
Split Club: Dick Hanaburgh
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine master:  Audrey Meyers
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting to another full house in usual fashion. We gave our Pledge and Chuck led us in an awful rendition of “God Bless America”. It wasn’t subtly awful, it was extreme awful. Jovi patrons on the other side actually grabbed their children and ran out.
Guests today were, Joe Suppa, a potential new member. Dawn’s brought Lou Anne Voght and Todd Potter. And our speakers, Evelynn Kessler and Adriane Garr.
Tom announced that the Christmas party was a success. He thanked all who took a family for Operation Santa. Please get Tom the gifts by Wednesday 12/13/17 so he can disperse them. Tom thanked Audrey for creating the donation envelopes disguised as Christmas cards. They were successful. We came up a little short on the auction so the donations are very helpful. There were cards at our tables today. Please see if you can help out. You can donate in honor of someone else. Ted blew Audrey in and said she made a donation in Larry’s name.
Larry gave an update on Harold Whites progress. Harold is at Millard Fillmore Suburban for tests. He’s having a bit of a rough time so please keep him in our thoughts. Larry informed us that RYLA dates for 2018 are June 11 – June 17. You have to be between 19 and 26 years old. Applications are on our website.
Sue Jandzinski bragged that once again, Kenmore Mercy Hospital was voted #1 local Hospital of the year by The Leapfrog Group, an independent nonprofit hospital watchdog organization.
With no further announcements, Tom asked Audrey to access fines. Audrey asked for the Rotarian woman to come up and with score cards, levy the appropriate amounts. Mike Hettler confessed to his daughter’s wedding. John Cogan informed the panel of judges that he had to go to Florida. Pat Griffin attended the Army / Navy football game. Rick Graham was fined because he made Joanie go to the Christmas Party not feeling well. They assessed anyone who did not attend the Christmas Party $1. With council from Mike Hettler, Audrey fined President Tom for his feelings towards Tyrod. Gary tadled on Larry. Evidently, Larry won a nice raffle, in which he gave lots back to the organization. Audrey then hammered us on details about our female Rotarians. Quit an impressive group. All in all it looked like a nice haul.
Dawn won the split club and Dick missed the Ace.
Holly introduced Evelynn Kessler and Adriane Garr of International Child Advancement ( Both women work at M&T bank. Adriane was the only sibling of 6 that was born in the US. Her family is from the Congo. Her dad attended college in the United States. After graduation, he went back to the Congo. In order for Adriane to have a proper education, she had to leave the Congo and her family behind. She moved to France and stayed with an uncle and eventually made it to the US. She was educated here, hired by M&T and in 2011 started International Child Advancement. IAC’s goal is to empower disadvantaged children through education. Livelihood provision, vocational training and mentoring. This was a very interesting program.
Meeting adjourned
Jeff Markarian