June 27, 2016 Meeting @ Jovi’s
Attendance: Michaelene Bernat
Spilt Club: Shari McDonough
Invocation: John Coogan
Finemaster: Rick Graham
The Ken: Audrey Meyers
President Paul began the meeting promptly at 12:30pm (He must have been trying to impress Nancy because that hasn’t happened in two years).  After we said the pledge and sang, John Coogan led our invocation. 
The following was announced:
  • Brian announced the Incoming / Outgoing Officers party on August 2nd.  It will be at his house.  Please get in your reservations and payments.  There will be food and wine provided.
  • Ken Weinstein announced a classic car show on July 24, 2016 from 10am – 4pm. At the Northtown Center at Amherst (1615 Amherst Manor Dr., Amherst, NY 14221.  Over 100+ Awards will be given.  Pre-registration $13, Day of $15.
  • Gary announced that the Town of Tonawanda will have a fireworks display on July 3rd.  Elmlawn will be having a private party for Rotarian families and friends.  Cost is $20 per person.   Food will be provided but bring your own beverages and chairs.  You will need one car pass to enter per car and can enter at the Brighton Entrance only.  Contact Mike Austin if you need another pass.
Before asking for confessions, Rick pointed out that Larry was late and should be fined.  Barb confessed that she was so proud of outgoing President Paul for all of the new members he brought into the club during his two years.  Larry confessed that he was so happy to see John Riordan’s maroon car in the parking lot when he arrived (we missed you John)!  Audrey confessed to being in Puerto Rico for a week.
Finemaster asked questions about incoming Rotarian Officers on the district and international level, along with some other trivia.  He ended his questioning at every table with the phrase “Ok cough up some money”. 
Rick won the split club and Michaelene had her shot at the Ace of Spades but pulled the 9 of hearts L
Incoming President Mike thanked Outgoing President Paul for his leadership and gave him a bottle of Scotch (the good stuff!).  He also gave the First Lady (Nancy) a nice bouquet of flowers.  The whole room stood in applause to recognize all of Paul’s work over the past two years…. Well done!
Duncan Tenner from Boyscouts was our speaker.  He has visited many Rotary Clubs and is a fellow Rotarian himself and is astonished at the comrodery that exists at each club.  He was amazed at how many new members Paul was able to recruit over the past two years.  Duncan drew similarities between Boy Scouts and Rotarians.  He talked of the importance of service clubs / organizations and how sad it is that they are dwindling.  He talked about how the millennium generation is suffering from not getting involved and it’s apparent that many only learn to care about self and forget about service.  He talked a bit about the history of Boy Scouts and how they began as far back as 1910.  He thanked our club for all of the support we have contributed over the past few years (we’ve given $12k since 2014!).  Duncan thanked Bob Blatz and Dick Hanaburgh for all of their hard work to keep the relationship strong between Boy Scouts and Rotary.  Dick spoke a bit about where our donated funds have gone within the Greater Niagara Frontier Council and talked about how they are trend setters and national is watching what they are doing.  He also talked about the impact Boy Scouts honors can have on your career path and how it is proven to stand out if you have Eagle Scout on your resume.  Dick also shared with us his personal Eagle Scout project, which was setting up a campfire program that is still used in his hometown today.  Great program and Rotary is happy to support our local Scouts!