Posted by Jeff Markarian
The Ken June 26
Attendance: Ron Levea
 Split Club: Donna Di Francesco
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine master:
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Mike began his last meeting as President with an enthusiastic gong. We gave our Pledge and Chuck led us in “God Bless America”. Tom asked if we might be able to sing a tad better as his term is about to start. The general consensus was that this is probably the best it gets. Mike asked Ron for guests today. Ron squirmed a little and I know why. Nancy Chisolm and son Carl were in attendance and Ron did not want to spoil the surprise that was going to unfold later in the meeting. But Ron was able to greet Ben Burk.
Today’s first announcement was from Gary. The July 3rd fireworks party is all set. I will send a general email with the parking pass you will need to enter Elmlawn. Holly solicited Sunshine Day which is 8/16 at Cradle Beach. Signup sheets will be at the attendance desk for the next few meetings. Tom Lang wants to meet with the program committee after today’s meeting.
Bob Blatz won the split club and Nancy missed the Ace of Spades. Brian Ahern made 2 loaves of bread that Gary raffled off. The winners were yours truly and Rene.
Mike thanked Brian as this is his last meeting. He and Pat are moving to Boston. Please keep in touch. There haven’t been many new members that acclimated and helped the club as much as Brian and Pat. Thank you. Mike wanted to thank his board for helping him out this year. A special thanks to Art who will step down as treasurer. Mike also thanked Rene for, as Mike put it, a thankless job as secretary. Mike had many to thank for him and Debbie getting together. As they are coming up to a year since they met at Sunshine Day. I told you Mike, There is a lid for every pot.
Mike had the honor of inducting Paul Chisolm into the Paul Harris brotherhood. This award is presented to a Rotarian that particularly emanates what Rotary is all about. Paul has always been an impressive man for me to look up for his leadership and ability to be involved with so many good causes.
Tom Lang took the floor and introduced Phil Michalowski as our newest members. Please reach out to Phil and make him feel at home in his new organization.
Meeting adjourned