Attendance: Scott Mason
Split Club: Bob Blatz
Invocation: Rick Graham
Finemaster: Joe Arcara
Ken: Jeff Markarian
The Ken 5/23/16
We had a late start to the lunch today but Paul was able to make up the time and move the meeting along. After the Pledge, Bryden led us in singing “America” followed by our invocation given by Rick Graham. Scott Mason introduced our speakers. They were; The Eminger family, Char Coon (our wonderful Rotary Anne), pass member Bill Holler, Andrea Scibetta from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Club, our guest, Jen Middleton and her friend Paul Frasier.
Joe Arcara announced that the Installation of new officer’s event will be held at Brian Ahern’s house August 11. Details to follow. Audrey passed along a card for us to sign congratulating Shari for graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in business. Gary Roberts thought it was a GED. Audrey will have a meeting of the Wine Committee wrap up. Lastly, Audrey announced that she will give a seminar for first time home buyers at her church Thursday, 5/26/16 at 6:00. The address is Riverside Baptist Church, 346 Ontario Street, Buffalo, NY. Please RSVP Audrey if you can attend
At this time, Paul asked Greg Eminger to present a $750 scholarship award to his daughter Hannah. We all know Hannah and all her accomplishments with Interact and Slap Shot. Larry added to Hannah’s achievements and Hannah thanked us.
Finemaster Joe Arcara stepped in for Ted Purvis and took confessions. I confessed that my son Brian graduated from St. Bonaventure and is off to RYLA. Jim Prichard had a record crowd of 3,000 for an event at the Riviera. Jim, you really put the Riv and the map buddy. Joe Arcara fined himself to brag that his 9 year old granddaughter came in third in the States. Rene and John Cogan can relate to that (past gymnasts). Mike Austin confessed that his kids didn’t do anything this weekend. Paul played golf all weekend even though it was his and Nancy’s 44th wedding anniversary. I said that I would love to have been there when he told her his plans. Joe fined anyone without a Rotary pin on (rookie move).Then Joe went through the room testing us on Buffalo trivia.
There was something peculiar about our start of the meeting. There was no split club and we started real late. Oh well, far be it for me to ask questions.
Larry re introduced Jen Middleton. Jen was a RYLA participant 10 years ago. Her mother forced her to fill out the application. It was the farthest thing from here desires of things to do. Well, it turned out to be a life altering event for her. She continued the projects they were all enthused about during the week camp. She was abscessed.  She organized school supplies to be shipped to Africa, she was instrumental in starting a Multiple Care Center. Hannah went to Africa a couple of times. She showed us slides of her trips. Her involvement brought her closer to her brother. She even was able to see the center that she helped build. At 1:40, my phone was blowing up so I had to adios. Don’t know what happed after that. I hope you’re not all still there.