The Ken May 8
Attendance: Scott Mason
Split Club: Bob Blatz
Invocation: Rick Graham              
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom Lang sat in for Mika as we began our second meeting at the Paddock Golf Dome. We gave the Pledge of Alienage. Barb led us in singing “God Bless America” and Rick Graham gave our invocation. Tom thanked all the students and their families for joining us today.
Audrey gave a final nudge for the Wine event.
Larry came up and also thanked the young minds for joining us and let them know how proud our community is that they go beyond the call of duty to succeed in community service and also to keep their grades high. Larry asked Tom Schwob to begin the middle school student award program to acknowledge the following individuals for remarkable grades and activity in community affairs:
Franklin Middle School: SOPHIA McSHANE / Principal: Chris Ginestre, Mom: Katie / Stepfather:  TJ / Father: Alex (Also little 4 yr. old brother Max)
Hoover Middle School:    TYLER McLeod   / Principal Carm Persico, VP:  Michelle Jaros / Mom: Jill / Dad:  Norm / Grams: Velma and Joyce 
St. Andrew's Country Day School:   BRIAN ERICK / Principal: Colleen Politowski / Mom: Carolyn   Dad:  Brian    
St. Christopher's School:   EVELYN GRAPES /   Vice Prin: Mark Bandelian / Mom: Maria Dad:  Shawn  
St. Amelia School:   ANNA PUCHALSKI / Principal: Jim Mule / Mom:  Sheryl Dad:  Tom    
St. John the Baptist School:   MARY SHORT / Principal: Cindy Jacobs / Dad:  Joe    
This very inspirational meeting was adjourned right on time