The Ken October 17

Attendance: Dawn Mirand

Split Club: Audrey Meyers

Invocation: John Coogan

Fine Master: Jim Logan

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

We started our lively, happy meeting right on time with the Pledge followed by singing “America” led by Chuck Patterson. John Coogan gave our invocation with special thanks for both Bills and Sabres victories.

Dawn greeted our guests, Hank Sokol from Buffalo Rotary and Lou and Mary Knotts from Calspan.

Hank asked for a few minutes to advertise Buffalo Rotary’s fund raiser. This is a play directed by Mary O’Connell and Company. Many of the Buffalo Rotarians have been schooled to perform and this will be their debut. October 26Th, 7:00 and the North Park Theater. Visit for further details. Hank also mentioned that Buffalo Rotary has 3 slots opened for student exchange. They need to know by 12/31.

Tom Lang announced that the Christmas Party is less than 2 months away. Please consider auction items. Tom added that Jovi’s will show the Bills / Patriots game October 30 for us to get together. They’ll serve food. Damon Piatek said he launched a small business organization in June. They will have an event soon. Please contact Damon for the details. Let’s support these early organizations.

Jim Logan took confessions. Mike Ford had a great time with his son at the Elmlawn fall festival. Mike also took his son to his first UB football game. Mike Austin confessed he was interviewed for an article in the News about Elmlawn Fall fest. They entertained 1,200 – 1,500 guests. Mike Austin was fined for leaving the stocks at the Ahearn’s since the Presidents’ Party. Chuck Patterson was proud to announce that Mary Kay’s daughter Colleen got married Saturday and that Adam and Leanna are expecting their 3rd child. Pat Griffin wanted to appeal his fine that he was at South Padre Island on vacation. Audrey said that she and Chris had a great time with Eddie at Sky High in Ellicottville climbing the rope courses and zip lining. Afterward they enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Ellicottville Brewing Company. I thought that was an Operation Santa auction item but Audrey was quick to remind me that was a Wine Tasting event item. Nevertheless, please be creative and put together events so you too can enjoy the camaraderie. Damon was in Cleveland where Obama was speaking. Damon was able to meet Kal Penn, the associate director of White House office of Public Liaison. Jim acknowledged it was great to see Jerry Gentile. Jerry told us he is engaged to be married. Congratulations buddy.

Now to the best part of the meeting. John Coogan won like $10 bucks in the split raffle, however, yours truly nailed the Ace. Take that Coogs. $503. It pays to play.

At this time Paul introduced Lou Knotts. Lou is the CEO of Calspan. Calspan is a 70 year old company. It is a leader in aeronautics’ testing. In order to develop the world’s greatest innovations, Calspan’s clients must overcome many technical challenges to transform their creative concept, into a commercially viable product. To resolve such road blocks, innovators within the aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation and motorsports industries seek out the assistance of Calspan. The meeting extended to 1:40 and needless to say no one left.


Meeting adjourned