The Ken October 24
Attendance: Dawn Mirand
Split Club: Audrey Meyers
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Jim Logan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting with a light crowd to a limp gong with the Pledge. Chuck led us in singing “America”. John Coogan gave another heart felt invocation.
Dawn greeted our guests, Patrick O’Sullivan, our speaker and John Rademaker from a Rotary club in Texas.
Ron Levea reported that John Riordan was re admitted into the hospital. He did not have many details but promised to keep us in the loop.
Tom Lang has a Bills / Patriots happy hour at Jovi’s Sunday. Mark will have a light fare for us. Bring guests. Starts at 12:30. Gary Roberts, there will not be a communal bar tap. It is Buy your own.
Mike A. announced for Rick Graham that the foundation needs all applications for grants in soon.
Ted has entertainment books for Amherst East Rotary. They were selling real well.
Fine master Jim Logan first confessed to his daughter getting married Saturday. Jim said the first time he had lone time with his son-in-law, while golfing, Jim ricochet a shot off a tree that whistled right over this young man’s head. Jim Prichard confessed to being on Bauerle for a Ghost Hunters event at the Riviera. Larry won $10 at the District Governor’s Conference. With no more confessions, Jim tested our intelligence with Trivia. Needless to say, he raised quite a bit of money for the till.
Audrey did the split club, won by Chuck Patterson and Joe Arcara missed the Ace of Spades.
Mike brought Sue up to say a few words regarding $2500 Rotary gave Kenmore Mercy Hospital for a transport chair. Sue brought along the Sales rep, John Rademaker for the manufacturer of the chair. John explained the need for Striker Medical to research a more modern, effective chair. They cost $2550 each but is revolutionary in design. Much easier on the care giver. Especially transporting the patient.
At this time Larry reported on our District Conference that was held this week end at Batavia Downs. Larry and Char had a great time reacquainting with fellow Rotarians and making new connections. Friday was a tailgate party with fun comfort foods. Lots of meeting and greeting. Saturday had several service projects. Larry and Char created packages of food. There were sewing session, technology sessions and even a session on how to bet.  Larry reminded us that “The Gift of Life” is the only service project we do as a district. The money raised goes towards heart surgery for children around the world. The surgery costs $5k each. District 7090 hopes to raise $15k so we can get heart surgeries for 3 children. Larry, keep us in the loop on this. At 6:30 there was a formal dinner, however you could come dressed in any fashion and feel comfortable. Larry was pleased that after dinner, instead of a lot of bla bla, they were able to bet at the track. They re- convened back for dessert and coffee. Sunday was a trip to Letchworth State Park. Larry touched on VTT, Vocational Training Teams. This is where a team leader, has to be a Rotarian, cross pollinates with others any way related to his field to gain a wide span of knowledge about the given trade. In late February early March, they will have a Fruit Farmers symposium. So any one fruity should get in touch with Larry for the details. Thanks to Larry and Char for representing us.
Meeting adjourned