The Ken September 19

Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh

Split Club: Bob Blatz

Invocation: Rick Graham

Fine Master: Mike Ford

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Paul stood in for Mike today and started our meeting promptly with the Pledge. Barb led in singing “God Bless America”. Rick Graham reminded us of Tim Glor’s injuries and gave a warm invocation. Guests today were David Evans from the Niagara Central Club and our speaker, Kellie Cavo.

Holly announced that her organization is having an event today. Scott is all set for Shred It next Saturday 10/1 at 10:00 – 2:00. Scott passed out signs and can use volunteers. They come fast and furious to shred documents.

Fine Master extraordinaire, Mike Ford t6ook confessions. Paul C. for missing meetings. Rick Graham for his annual fishing trip. Rick’s group caught over 100 fish, mostly Walleyes. Ted Purvis was on vacation out west. And I confessed to winning skins in a golf tournament. Mike then quizzed our tables on famous events or birthdays on today’s date.

Jim Austin won the split raffle and Gary missed the Ace.

Paul introduced our speaker Kellie Cavo of Gerard Place. Gerard Place provides transitional housing and supportive programs for homeless, single-parent families. They strengthen the community by empowering individuals and families toward self-sufficiency via community education and outreach. To learn more, please visit their website at www.

Meeting adjourned