Posted by Jeff Markarian
The Ken September 25, 2017
Attendance: Art Traver
Split Club: Bob Blatz
Invocation: Rick Graham
Fine master:  Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We started our meeting in usual style. Barb led us in “America” and Rick Graham gave our invocation. Rick asked us to keep Joe and Harold in our thoughts as they are recovering. Guests today were Ben Burke with the Boy Scouts and our speaker, Jim McAuliffe.
Tom has a tour at Greycliff Conservatory all lined up for 10/14 at 3:00 and dinner to follow at The Public House. $50.00 for the tour and dinner. Daemon would like our support as he is running for town assembly. And Scott is on track for Shred It 10/28. Please volunteer.
Mike Ford was the fine master today. Rick Graham confessed to being invited on a ride aboard the tiki bar at Canalside. As he was boarding, he recognized several people and realized this was a surprise party for his 70th birthday. Congratulations Rick. Daemon took most of the summer off and ultimately did 11 days in Disney. Ted confessed for not blowing in Eddie M. Then fine boy pounded on me again for referring to him as fine boy. He’s like gum on my shoe I can’t shake him (and not fine master next month). Audrey, be lucky you were busy. He wanted some sort of revenge.
Boy Scout guest, Ben won the split club and Ron missed the Ace. Rene just walked in. I’m glad there were Italian tacos left for her.
Tom asked Holly to introduce our speaker, Jim McAuliffe. Jim is CEO and President of KOIKE Aronson Inc. Ransome. KOIKE is headquartered in Arcade, NY and has operations around the world. They are manufactures of Gas, welding, cutting and positioning solutions. They have over 90 years of experience and have one of the broadest lines within the industries that they serve such as, Steel Service Centers, Heavy Equipment Manufacturers, General Fabrication Shops, Power Generation Plants, Shipyards and Offshore, Pipe and Vessel, Transportation and Educational Industries. This is a very impressive company. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about KOIKE, Jim asked us to contribute his $50 to the leukemia / lymphoma fund.
Meeting adjourned