The Ken September 26
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Bob Blatz
Invocation: Rick Graham
Fine Master: Tom Lang
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Mike was back conducting our meeting. We gave our Pledge, Bryden led us in “God Bless America” and Rick Graham gave our invocation. Rick asked us to keep Tim in our thoughts. Gary reported that Tim is in a back brace and will be for 3 more months.
Guests today were Susan Taylor from Buffalo Rotary and Gary, Jim Prichard’s colleague from the Riviera Theater.
Susan Taylor announced that Buffalo Rotary is teaming up with O’Connell & Company in their presentation of Gentleman prefer Divas October 10. This is a cabaret-style format filled with great music. The twist is Mary Kate O’Connell is coaching several of the Rotarians to perform. Buy tickets at
Tom Lang announced that we are all set for Thursday night’s tour at the Darwin Martin House. I am writing this Ken Friday the day after the event. Let me tell you, it was one of our finest. We gathered in the Greatbactch room for a 15 minute movie overview. Then we wondered outside as our Docent began our tour outlining so many of the features we see every time we drive past this magnificent structure and didn’t get. As we went inside it all came together. The talent Frank Lloyd Wright had to mess with our concept of space. The illusion to always feel you are outside in nature. After, we met at Amici’s on Elmwood for a spectacular dinner. Please patronize this establishment. Gary and Donna worked out such a deal, The Amici’s must have comped at least half the expense.
Scott wrapped up announcements with a reminder to volunteer Saturday for Shred-It. He needs as many people he can get. These people come in fast and furious and they take shredding their documents very seriously.
Tom Lang took confessions. Brian and Pat’s son was married and they spent time in Tuscany. Brian also came in 2nd at Park’s tournament. Mike confessed to not being able to play with Brian. Ed Markarian joined LinkedIn and received many invitations. One in particular was from Gary Roberts. Ed did not recognize this ancient image. We all wondered what his eHarmony picture looks like. Jim Prichard played in the Sabres golf tournament. Jim was also on TV pitching the Riviera Theater. Larry paid a fine because Tom was dressed properly. I confessed to celebrating my 60th birthday by riding my bike to Niagara on the Lake which turns out to be 60 miles. Dick Hanaburgh‘s birthday was also Saturday. No pins were fined as well as not attending the Darwin Martin Tour.
Holly won the split club and Mike missed the Ace.
Rick Graham took over the podium to give an update on our foundation. Members with terms ending this year are Jay Geasling, Jim Logan and Ed Markarian.
Members with terms ending next year are Tim Glor, Mike Hettler, Chuck Patterson and Rick Graham.
Current officers are Rick Graham – President, Chuck Patterson – Vice Pres., Tim Glor – Treasurer, Mike Hettler – Secretary.
Donations made by the Foundation in 2015 – Salvation Army - $5000 for smart whiteboards, James Ryan Foundation - $4500 for vests, Kevin Guest House - $7500 for a security system, Niagara Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America - $2500 for radios, Let kids be kids - $2500 for bicycles in Africa, Boys & Girls club of Buffalo - $5000 for furniture and carpeting. This was a total of $27,000.
At the 8/31 meeting, Jay Geasling and Tim Glor indicated they will be leaving the board this year. Ed Markarian agreed to another 3 year term. This created 3 openings. Nominated were Pat Griffin to a 3 year term, Barb Henry and Larry Coon to a 2 year term. They nominated the following officers to serve a 1 year term: President – Rick Graham, Vice President – Chuck Patterson, Treasurer – Ed Markarian, Secretary – Mike Hettler. Jim Logan motioned to accept these officers, John Riordan seconded, motion passed.  
This year we will have $28,840 to donate. Please ask organizations you know that need Capital projects to visit our web site and download a request.
Rick Graham thanked Jim Logan and Jay Geasling. Ed thanked Mike Hettler for staying on as secretary. Mike reminded us that we can only spend what we make off the foundations returns. To keep the foundation in mind when planning your contributions and bequests.
Meeting adjourned