Attendance: Susan Jandzinsk
Split Club: Michaelene Bernat
Invocation: Tim Glor
Fine Master: Larry Coon
The Ken: Jeff Markarian

The Ken April 25

Paul started our meeting right on time. Bryden led us in singing “God Bless America”. Tim Glor gave the invocation.

Visitors were Joe Alber from Buffalo and Joe Kane from Clarence. Tim Grant was a guest of Gary Roberts.

Announcements were from Eddie, thanking me and Gretchen for hosting the gift gathering party. It is always wonderful to see you all outside our normal venue. Ed is pitching the full court press for our Wine Tasting Event May 11. We need a push in all capacities: sponsors, baskets, and attendance. Paul reminded us that we can drop off the baskets at his office, 3849 Delaware Ave. He also is stressing the need for baskets. We have 11 now and need 40 total.

Joe Albers let us know that there is a Rotary Leadership training Assembly in Niagara Falls, NY May 7. The cost is $45 per Rotarian. Joe said usually the club pays for it, however Art choked and Paul followed up with “if you want to go, let him know and he’ll see what he can do”. Somehow I got the feeling that the issue has yet to be determined. Nevertheless it is a valuable event. Pat and Larry are in. I would go just to hang out with those guys but Retail Saturday keeps me grounded. All are welcome to attend and learn all aspects of Rotary. Register on our districts website Mike Ford announced that Elderwood is having Chefs food truck on the campus 4459 Bailey Ave. Wednesday 4/27 from 5:00- 7:00. Oops, that was yesterday. Sorry Mike.

Larry was our Finemaster and heard several confessions. Dick Hanaburgh and his lovely wife gave birth to their first child Niamh. Congratulations Hanaburgh’s. Bryden flew home from Phoenix. They had to stop over in Baltimore. When Bryden boarded the plane he realized he got the pilots discount at the food counter. Can I borrow you Salvation Army shirt next time I fly? He also saw Rex Ryan’s brot

her Rob on his flight. Michaelene Bernat was also traveling. They were in Tucson then to Maryland to watch her daughter get another academic achievement award. Larry fined himself for eating the entire week end on the Rotary dime. Larry and Char were in Canada for the Slap Shot retreat week end. They had a great time and I’m sure Rotary would gladly feed you and Char for all you do to engage the young future Rotarians. With that Larry had some fun with Rotary trivia.

The split Club was won by Jim Prichard and Michaelene missed on the chance for the Ace.

Paul introduced our speaker Rebecca Poynton. Rebecca is VP of marketing for Veraview. Veraview is a 16 year old company. They are comprised of engineers and developers. Veraview puts the proper technology in the right space. To learn more please visit their website at

Meeting adjourned