The Ken February 3, 2020

Attendance: Brandon Blatz

Split Club: Paul Chisolm

Fine Master: Mike Hettler

Invocation: Gary Roberts

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting on time with the Pledge. Gary Roberts gave the invocation. Our guest today were Major Celestin Nkounkou of the Salvation Army and Dick Earne from Grand Island Rotary.

Bandon announced that the Boy Scouts annual Calendar Campaign was on and asked that we take out ads to help support the Council. Donna attended Holly’s Wine Event committee meeting at the Delaware last week. There were only 5 committee members. They put a deposit down on the Wurlitzer banquet room. We need a larger committee! We also need speakers. Dick is looking into a wine sommelier.

Brandon won the split club and Rick Graham missed the Ace.

Mike Hetler asked for confessions but none were offered. Mike allowed everyone to tell us something exciting about our lives lately. The fine was related to the level of excitement. $0 for excitement $3 for dull. Let’s put it this way, we made a lot of money.

Dick Earne introduced Major Celestin Nkounkou. Celestin is involved with, along with Dick, the Congo water project. I believe his family lives in the Congo, 250 miles out of Brazzaville. They are a small town of less than 1,000 people. There is no water. To get water, they have to walk 3 miles carrying buckets to retrieve from a collection point. Where they collect rain water and store it. Then walk 3 miles back. With water weighing 8 pounds per gallon, that is a rough chore. Celestin has worked hard with the Grand Island Rotary club to procure a well. If they can raise $11,600, they will be entitled to a global grant to complete the project that costs $34,800. They have $2,600 all ready. If the money is raised, a local Rotary club from Brazzaville will monitor it through its completion. There was a lot of interest from our club. Don’t be surprised if we do not pursue this project.

Meeting adjourned