The Ken November 14, 2016
Attendance: Ron Levea
Split Club: Tim Glor
Invocation: Tim Glor
Fine Master: Ed Markarian
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Jovi’s broke with tradition and served hamburger and fries for lunch today. We started the meeting on time with the Pledge followed by “America” helped out be Barb. Tim Glor was double duty today and gave our invocation. Guests today were Donna Fernandes and Ted Pietrzak from the zoo, Tony Billoni from Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and prospective new member George Allan.
First announcement was from Tony Billoni. Tony came to advertise the Rotary Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is having their chili bowl January 29 from 2-5. Visit them at for all the details. Tom Lang will have a signup sheet for the Christmas party at our front desk the next few meetings. Tom still needs auction items. Tom also has a signup sheet for operation Santa Claus. This is to take a family. And finally, Tom is looking for a late February date for a Niagara Wine Region tour.  Rick Graham announced there is only 2 more weeks to get the grant requests in for our foundation.
Eddie was our fine master today. Tom Lang and Jim Prichard were Audrey’s guest in the Evans Bank box to watch the Sabres game. Mike A, met up with them before the game. At one point, Audrey texted Mike to save her. Pat confessed to being at the game with Larry Coon. Ed did not fine Pat but charged him for taking some of his fries. Brian Ahern played 108 holes of golf in Scottsdale. Brian is going to get me some information of an event for veterans Pat is working on with Hospice. I’ll be sure to email everybody. With no further confessions, Eddie quizzed us on Buffalo Zoo questions.
Jim Prichard won the split club and Ed Hackeral missed on the Ace.
Eddie introduced Donna Fernandes, the curator for the Buffalo Zoo, 3 or 4 curators removed from Marlin Perkins. Donna has spoken to us before as the zoo takes on new projects. The project they are involved in now is the new Amphibian and Reptile Center. They want to keep the existing footprint; terrazzo floors, brick walls and brass railing. But need to have independent pods for each species they have. Currently, the same boiler handles the whole building. Please visit their website to keep up with all the great tings the zoo is doing.
Meeting adjourned